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The general amount here is around 15 kunas for every night of your stay.Europe - Paris tipping hotel maids - We fear tipping in Europe.

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When you go on a Punta Cana vacation, you will notice that the hotel staff of a quality resort will work very hard to make sure your stay is pleasant.We talked to Boston-area travelers about whether or not they will use them.You may have a different maid on different days of the week, so leaving a tip daily ensures that it gets into the hands of the person who did the work.For establishments with staff, tipping is the same as at a hotel.

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Answer 1 of 29: We usually tip the maids who make our rooms up at the hotel 3.00 US equivalent for each day we stay but have no idea if it is close to the norm Also we seldom tip the reception people.If a guest leaves it and checks out, the money often goes back into the hotel.

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Tipping is entirely at your discretion, but here is a guideline: hotel porters 0.50 CUC per bag, maid service 1 CUC per day.Also more if there are more than 3 people in a room or suite.Let FindaLink.net help take the mystery out of tipping etiquette.

Leave the tip each day when you leave the room, rather than at the end of your stay, because your room might get cleaned by different people each day.

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We should not be subsidizing the hotel owners or encourage them to pay less to their staff by tipping.In restaurants, I usually tip 10% if the service was anything other than awful.

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You tip a maid the same way you tip a waitress. your room is clean, you have clean towels, your minibar is stocked well or with what you requested, etc.

When I was growing up, you tipped the waitress (but only if the service was good) the bellhop, the cab driver, and that was about it.Timeshares often do not have nightly maid service requiring a daily tipping rate, notes the Timeshare Authority website.

In 20 years of European travel, I have never tipped at a hotel.

Blue collar and service industry workers here make very little money and regularly work 12 hours shifts.

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If you travel and stay at Marriott hotels, get used to seeing tip envelopes in your room.Leave the tip on your pillow or in a similar obvious place with a note that says thank you.According to a TripAdvisor survey from 2014, 31% of Americans admit to not tipping the maid, compared to 29% for bartenders, 27% for room service, and 21% for porter service.I ran across an article the other day about Marriott and Maria Shriver launching a campaign to educate people on the customary etiquette of tipping hotel maids.Tips on Tipping Tipping, like politics and religion, is a verboten subject if you ever want to get through a holiday dinner without an argument.

You may have a different housekeeper every day of your tip, so leaving one large sum in the room or with the desk at the end of your stay will create more confusion than good.

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In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow.For example, if you travel only occasionally, hotel tipping etiquette can be a real mystery.Tipping waiters and maids in high-level western restaurants. 2. Tipping bellboys who take your luggage to the room at your luxury hotel 3.It helps to do a quick Google search or pick up a guidebook to learn the local attitude towards gratuities, but having a general rule of thumb also make things a bit easier.It is a highly personal decision, impacted by your own experiences, morals and even social guilt.